Time, where does it go?

Since having our first baby, time has gone so quickly. In fact, too quick!!

I was looking at photos and videos of Taormina when she was a year old and I cannot believe that they were taken almost 2 years ago! It is so crazy to think that my little baby girl has developed and grown so much in such a small time frame.

Even looking at photos of Wolfie when he was 2 months old [he is now 5 months old] makes me question how did he grow so quickly?

Children develop and grow at such a rate it puts us adults to shame. Within a couple of months can be the difference between just drinking milk, to partly eating solids or wearing nappies to being potty trained. Wolfie is now able to army crawl around the place.

As a parent I feel I concentrate on the present regarding my children so much that some previous memories slowly fade. Previous milestones are difficult to remember when you’re looking at the current one.

When new parents ask me questions like when did Taormina sit up un-assisted, I would have to seriously think about it. I couldn’t answer off the top of my head.

The great thing about social media is that you can record stages of your children’s development as you can upload photos and alike. It’s a great journal that is easy to access.

I love reading though my wife’s blog to reminisce experiences. I also look forward to looking back at videos on our new YouTube Channel How Far We’ll Go which we have just launched. It will show family days out and will be a great time line. Poppy’s main channel Poppy Reflects will do the same with our children’s updates.

So why does it go so quickly? The answer is simple – as a parent, you are kept so busy with parenting there is so little free time and in some cases no time for yourself at all.

Existing parents with young children will relate to this but new parents will not have a clue until you experience it. It is quite hard to understand without experiencing it.

When someone without young children says to me “oh I just didn’t have the time”, I want to slap them round the face with a wet fish, grab them by the shoulders and shake them screaming “YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!”.

“I want to slap them round the face with a wet fish, grab them by the shoulders and shake them screaming YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!”

The amount of time you get obviously varies from each families circumstances and it differs depending on what is happening in their development and how many children you have, but the only time I tend to have to myself is driving to and from work.

I cannot explain how much I enjoy my little commute. I can either drive in silence or have the music blaring. When I’m with the children, neither is an option! Either one is screaming or both or the music played in the car is usually some sound track that gets them to sleep that we’ve downloaded on Spotify. It is always something that gets the little ones to sleep, not our preferred choice.

My day consists of getting up at around 5 – 5.30am (providing I haven’t been woken up earlier by one of the kids or the cat who dragged a mouse home), driving to work, doing a days graft and returning home for around 6pm.

Someone who doesn’t have children may think, great I’m home now, time to relax. NO! It’s time to start the night shift. Getting home is when the hard work starts.

I turn into auto-pilot and proceed with the afternoon / evening routine to get everyone in bed and to make sure the important things are getting done.

By the time I can sit down, it is 9pm. At that point I take Wolfie so Poppy can have a break before she goes to bed. Then it’s the same the next day.

If I had more time, I would spend more time on enjoyable things with my family, friends and most importantly, time with my wife.

Time for work is a set period within my busy week schedule. As the bread-winner, this is important and we have to afford the mortgage, bills, food, etc.

After this, I prioritise time to get stuff done round the house during the week but at the weekend, we have family time. It is the most important time to me. I love to create memories and experiences with the children and this has multiple positives. It’s great for us to bond as family and our little adventures help with our children’s development. There’s nothing more satisfying in life than seeing my children happy.

I feel in this country that all we do is work, work, work. To make ends meet with the current economic climate, most families have no choice! If you want nice things and holidays, working a 9-5 just doesn’t cut the mustard. Overtime is a must.

Believe me I’m working on the answer how to rectify this problem but I also do feel that having two young children is a particular hard time of your life because they are so dependent on you.

The one thing I wish for, is time. I want additional time to do what I want to do. Whether it be creating more memories or making the endless routine easier because I wouldn’t be in such a rush!

Time is precious. Cherish every moment because you only get one life and this life goes so quickly. Don’t throw time away! You won’t ever get it back.

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