What Easter means to me

Am I religious? No.
Am I materialistic? Erm. I try not to be but I suppose I am to a degree.
Do I celebrate Easter? Before having children, no. Since having children, yes but in a slightly different way to most.

Although Easter was originated for the rebirth of Jesus Christ (I think), let’s face it, it’s another capitalist materialistic holiday emphasised to sell chocolate products.

I love chocolate. I love sweets. To the point where I know I’m addicted. I can’t help myself. I could literally eat a family pack of Malteasers like it’s a pint of water.

As a child I loved Easter purely because family members used to buy us loads of Easter eggs.

Chocolate for breakfast…

Chocolate for lunch…

Chocolate for dinner…

Chocolate… Chocolate… Chocolate…

Now I’m an adult, I don’t buy Easter eggs for children in my family and our children very rarely eat chocolate so they don’t get any and if they do it is just a bite (I eat the rest at night).

Poppy does make an Easter hunt for Taormina and we do always go on a Cadbury Egg Hunt at the National Trust, but our own hunt is full of non chocolate prizes and Taormina doesn’t eat the chocolate at the end of the National Trust Cadbury Egg Hunt. We do it for the enjoyment. In my opinion, she has as much fun without stuffing her face with chocolate but perhaps that is because she doesn’t know any different.

We won’t give Taormina or Wolfie chocolate eggs so we ask family not to buy them. We also won’t be buying others eggs either so don’t expect them. I really don’t want Easter to be perceived as the holiday where you stuff your face with chocolate until you’re feeling as sick as a dog! I could my own weight in chocolate and it’s really not good. I’m an “All or nothing” person. I know what is right or wrong but sometimes I can’t help choosing the wrong option when it feels good. But when it comes to my children, I like to think I will use my experience and knowledge to make my choices in parenting.

You could say that makes me a hypocrite because I would happily eat things that I don’t give me children but I don’t care. I think we all do things that we wouldn’t let our children!

What I actually love about Easter is time off work. 4 days off work so I can spend precious time with my family. I am currently in a position at work where I don’t have to or need to weekends unless it is an emergency or 100% necessary and I value time with my family more than anything.

Years ago I used to work every weekend and bank holidays as it was part of the job so I feel I have earnt the right to decide whether to work weekends or not and I choose family every time. Don’t get me wrong, a couple of years ago I was working every weekend without fail and at the end of the day, you have to do what you have to do for your career and family. So the extended weekend is much appreciated more than anything else.

I also like how some people make a deal out of Easter because it changes the scenario a little bit. Poppy makes an Easter corner in our dining room with a small decorative tree with water related decor. It’s nice to see different things. It bores me seeing the same things everyday.

Restaurants often do Easter deals and specials. The change is nice to see.

Wherever or however the holiday derived from, I am happy to participate in Easter activities but in our own different little way.

Please don’t expect to see photos of my daughter stuffing her face with chocolate treats this Easter!


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