Toddler Bug Hunt

Taormina isn’t one for just playing with her toys by herself for too long. She needs constant stimulation. She has also become more demanding now Wolfie is able to crawl around the floor and is interacting. So I have been coming up with little activities we can do that are simple to do, low-cost and most importantly – fun.

We are surrounded by woodland and our garden is a little wild so we decided to go on a Toddler Bug Hunt.

Taormina loves looking at bugs and learning what they do and where they live. Under no circumstances would she ever hold a spider or a worm. I try my absolute best to encourage her, but I don’t want to frighten the poor child to death!

I got the idea of the bug hunt from an activity we participated in at Center Parcs Woburn earlier this year. You can see the video here on our Family YouTube channel How Far We’ll Go.

We simply search around the garden under plant pots, under paving slabs, on plants and flowers and in the compost bin (which is great for worms). A large scrub in our garden flowered for the first time since we have lived here which literally had swarms of bees surrounding it which was fantastic for our bug hunt.

Taormina had a little cup where she collected the odd critter but some were a little quick so they stayed put.

We found bees, flies, ants, slugs, snail, centipedes, woodlice, and many more.

Below is a little video of our Toddler Bug Hunt. It would be great to hear about your little activities you create for your little ones.

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