It’s time to learn some manners

Today, Poppy and the kids went to the Hop Farm in Kent. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the time off work. I had vegetable and halloumi wraps waiting on the table ready for all to feast after their exciting day out. Taormina was so excited to get home because she made me a present. She couldn’t wait to hand me a planted flower with a spoon with “Daddy Love Taormina x” written on it. I very much doubt I am describing the present too well, but it is kinda irrelevant. It’s the thought that counts and that she was so happy to make me something.

Taormina and I found a perfect spot for the plant pot and put it outside our front door. I said “thank you very much darling” and she replied “you’re most welcome”.

Taormina is 3 years old in July and this little sentence “you’re most welcome”, just really got to me. I am so proud at how polite she is.

Politeness and manners mean a lot with me as I believe they can’t take you a long way and as the old saying goes… manners cost nothing.

I believe you should speak to and treat people how you expect to be treated and I perhaps it has contributed to my growing career in how I deal and interact with people on a daily basis. I believe being polite can go a long way. If someone is rude and not very polite to me for no reason, I am never tempted to favour them whatever the circumstance may be.

What boils my piss is situations like at a checkout at a supermarket when you are being served and the person doesn’t even look at me, doesn’t say anything, hands me my change or expects me to know that the contactless point is on the flippin’ side of the machine, not the top and when I say “thank you”, I get absolutely nothing! I appreciate some people have social issues but being a checkout assistant, surely general manners is part of the bloody job!?

That is why I have always been very hot on the case teaching our daughter pleases and thank you’s. Fortunately Taormina’s speech has been very good from a young age and she has very easily picked up little phrases like when walks past people she says “excuse me please” or when food is put on our table when at a restaurant, she’ll say “thank you very much”.

A guy who used to work for me went to private school from the age of 4 until 16 costing £4k to £10k a term and I jokingly asked if his Dad regretted that bearing in mind he spent all that money and he ended up working for us and he said he asked his dad if he regretted it and his Dad said he didn’t send him to private school to become a doctor or lawyer, he sent him there to learn manners! I don’t fully believe that response as he’s probably kicking himself deep down! But in all fairness the guy who used to work for me is incredibly well mannered and I suppose if you’re surrounded by like minded people growing up who speak well and are polite, it’s more likely to encourage you to do the same. The same goes when you surround yourself by Rougheons*, the chances are you’ll act like a Rougheon* activities.

I’m a very proud father when I see how socially well Taormina is interacting with others and I hope Wolfie will follow the steps of his big sister.



*Rougheon is the term used for an individual who has no desire to contribute to the economy, expects financial support from a third party, knows more swear words than non-swear words, throws rubbish on the floor, thinks that pizza is a vegetable and is an uncontrolled breeder.

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