Why should I change the nappy? I’m a man


When Poppy and I decided to start a family, it didn’t once occur to me that either one of us should be changing the nappy of our baby more than the other.

Since becoming a father I have heard of quite an alarming number of fathers who never change their child’s nappy. Some have even said “it is a woman’s job”. I think this is an utterly crazy way of thinking!

I was the first to put a nappy on both my children and once you’ve done it few times, it’s a breeze and you never forget. A bit like riding a scooter!

Changing a new born nappy is a doddle because they don’t move much. Changing a nappy of a baby who can roll or crawl requires some classic WWE wrestling moves (please try not to hurt your child when doing this… just pretend). Changing a toddler’s nappy can sometimes go well but can also go really badly. They can kick like a bucking bronco, toddlers are unbelievably strong and sometimes my daugther likes to scream at the top of her voice “ouchie, OUCH OUCH, you’re hurting me!” like some I’m some sort of murderer. However, they can be bribed with toys, food and false promises. They can also stand up so changing when you’re out can be easier.

Both my daughter and son were/are breastfed babies which means my wife only can do a few things such as feeding (unless she expresses), so I naturally thought it is my responsibility to muck in where I can. When I say muck in, I literally mean muck in! It doesn’t bother me if I’m pissed on, shat on, or puked up on. It doesn’t phase me in the slightest and let’s face it, these things do happen.

When Taormina was a couple months old we were at Bluewater shopping centre and she done a monster poo that leaked everywhere! Including all down my top. Thankfully breastfed newborn baby poo doesn’t smell too bad but I just carried about my business, went to H&M and bought myself a snazzy new shirt, because I could and laughed the rest off.

Most recently, I was changing Wolfie and somehow he managed to pee on my chin! It was hilarious.

Catching a rogue brown nugget in the bath is always an interesting evening using a toy fish net!

Before anyone starts thinking I am some kind of weirdo (you may be right), my point here is, it’s only a little bit of mess that can be wiped up and cleaned. It has to be expected with young children, but more to the point – why should it be anymore a woman’s job than a man’s? Someone has to do it!

Our toddler is to be potty trained soon. This will be interesting.


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